Spacious precision wallpaper with energetic relaxed wheelbarrow Toyota FT- 1.

Brutal and enchanting machine capable of spewing flames and impress passers just by their presentable views , as well as charge the driver powerful charge of positive energy - all this Toyota FT- 1.

Sports car Toyota FT 1 made ​​of high-strength materials and high- crazy toppings.

Catchy and amazing newly-born sports car Toyota FT 1 executed in beautiful red to emphasize the harmony and rapacity body design . This supernova car has absolutely everything about what can only dream car enthusiast : from high-strength materials body , class super mega powerful engine and transmission hyper supplemented with flexible high-tech suspension, and ending with a skilled and noble comfortable interior . As well as this charming elegant machine supplemented rich chic alloy wheels , surrounded by unique wheel arches. This exhibit makes cars dream about it , desire it and strive to be its sole owner.
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